Holes Filled. Official!

Back in March Cyclo reported that somewhere in the magnitude of £10 billion (yes, billion) could be required to fix the potholes that blight the UK’s roads. As far as we know that sum still hasn’t been found, but on a sunnier note the CTC (the National cyclists’ organisation), in association with the construction company Aggregate Industries have just announced Britain’s Best Performing Pothole-filling Council. And the winner is…. Cheshire West and Chester Council.


The CTC has been monitoring various councils’ performances via it’s FillThatHole website (more than 11,00 holes were reported by cyclists) and were happy to declare that CWCC quickly dealt with all 47 troublesome wheel-bucklers. Several other councils – including West Lothian, Newham, Brent, Luton and Redbridge – also managed to score an impressive 100% fill-in record, but CWCC, with the most holes to plug, were deemed the winner.


Roger Geffen, CTC campaigns and policy director, says: “The public is very keen to see improved road maintenance standards, and this is particularly true for cyclists, as good surfaces are hugely important for their safety.”


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