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Five Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s that time of year when you could well be casting around for that perfect gift for the cycling-fanatic love of your life and whilst Cyclo has brought you reviews of some of the best products this year (we particularly love Fibre Flares and the CamelBak Charm) we thought we’d take a look at a few of the odder items available for those that love all things two wheeled…


Swoosh Flags

Ride like a pro with your name proudly emblazoned on your two-wheeled steed with these rather cute personalised Swoosh Flags available from at a not unreasonable £15 for a pack of 4. An almost infinite combination of background, swoosh and text colours can be picked in addition to the flag of either England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales and the simple peel and apply application will have your bike looking just that little bit more ‘bling’ in a matter of minutes.


Angel Helmet

Cyclo is all for safety as regular readers will know, so perhaps this rather unusual helmet comes closest to being amongst these five that perhaps you do need. With its halo of light supplied by Twin 0.5W LED fibre optics, the appropriately named Angel Helmet delivers 360degree illumination in either solid or flashing mode. The polycarbonate shell (fully safety standard compliant) and adequate venting make for a comfortable enough ride and there’s no need for batteries as the system is recharged via USB – cable supplied. Still mostly a novelty item, so a shame there’s no kids’ sizes available… Currently on offer for £39.96 + P&P from


Record Your Own Bicycle Bell

Not really a bell at all if we’re being pedantic – more of a fog horn for the handle bars with an in-built and undeniably attention grabbing 80db screech; but what makes this special (and we use the term loosely) is that you can, as the name suggests, record your own choice of ‘greeting’ to be broadcast at the same 80db to alert others to your presence. Recording up to 20seconds of message (‘I say, do excuse me old chap’ should fit) the device is operated by three hefty 1.5v batteries and although the makers promise that it quick release, we suspect you could safely leave it on the bike withour real fear of theft. Available from at £17.99



CyFi Wireless Speakers

No doubt you are too dedicated a cyclist and far too considerate of noise pollution to ever consider playing music publicly from the comfort of your saddle, but if the fancy should take you then the CyFi Wireless Speaker system would be just the thing. Charging for 2 hours via USB will give you over 6 hours of listening time as the speakers seamlessly sync to your iPod via a dinky transmitter that means not only will your favourite cycling music stream to the speakers but conversely the buttons on the speakers can be used to control your iPod. Up to four speakers can be synced to the same iPod and with a range of 30foot you could, conceivably, enjoy a mini-peloton of cacophony. £98.99 from


Chain Wheel Wall Clock

All other gift possibilities must surely have been exhausted by the time your loved one alights upon the Chain Wheel Wall Clock available for £39.99 from With a 360mm circumference and 30mm depth this unusual clock is, apparently, ‘fantastic’. Cyclo is tempted to suggest that someone might like to make and sell cufflinks fashioned from chain links, suit hangers based of handlebars or a novelty umbrella employing Geraint Thomas’ old spokes. But we rather suspect someone, somewhere already may have done…


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