Sick Schleck

The RadioShack-Nissan squad has today (Tuesday, February 6) announced that Andy Schleck has been forced to withdraw from Paris-Nice due to the development of gastroenteritis. Already reportedly unwell during yesterday’s Stage 2 – the 185.5 km, Mantes-la-Jolie to Orléans route – Schleck’s condition deteriorated with Team Director Alain Gallopin explaining, ‘He was able to finish the stage but that costed (sic) a lot of energy. This morning Andy felt better, but in the bus he got stomach problems and high temperature again. That’s why we decided not to let him take the start, while not being healthy.’


In a statement the Luxembourg star said, ‘I really wanted to try, but against sickness you cannot do a lot. I need to let my body recover from this. This is bad news, I wanted to perform well in Paris-Nice, but I better not jeopardize the rest of the season. My goals are situated later in the season.’ Could that be the Tour de France he’s talking about?


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