TumbleUp4Life – May 5

Not so much a sportive as an act of masochistic lunacy, that Cyclo can only applaud with much admiration. Starting in Llanfoist, Monmouthshire, Wales, at an altitude of 54m the intention is to climb, as many times as possible, the infamous Iron Mountain (also know as the Tumble) the crest of which sits at a not unimpressive 512m after 6km of climb. Yes it’s mad, yes it sounds bad (in a great way) and it’s all in a good cause – Cancer Research UK – with the effort of the day’s cycling, so say the organisers, symbolizing ‘…the sheer impossible task that cancer patients undertake every day to live life in spite of a disease.’ The entry fee is a mere £20, although you will of course be expected to raise as much sponsorship as possible. Race HQ map here and full details, including entry at


Still not convinced? Take a look at last year’s highlights video:



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