Back on Track for Schleck?

Signs are good that the fracture to the vertebra suffered during the Critérium du Dauphiné by Andy Schleck, ending his 2012 Tour de France ambitions, is improving. The RadioShack star has just returned from further clinical examinations and MRI scans in Basel, Switzerland and team Head Doctor Andreas Gösele has indicated that things are slowly moving in the right direction, commenting: ‘The MRI scan showed clear signs of a good healing, but the fracture is not fully healed yet. This makes us feel optimistic that with some minor modifications of his bike position, temporary of course, he can now look at being a pro cyclist again and train like his colleagues soon.’


Schleck meanwhile has been far from idol – ‘I have been doing quite a lot of alternative sports, mainly swimming. Basically everything I can do without pain was good. I didn’t want to believe that my season had come to full stop in that crash.’


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