Oprah: ‘He came READY!’

Lance Armstrong to Appear on OprahLance Armstrong has apparently apologised to staff at the Livestrong Foundation, the cancer charity he created in the wake of his own battle with the disease. News agency Reuters reported that a foundation spokesperson, Katherine McLane, told them, ‘He had a private conversation with the staff, who have done the important work of the foundation for many years… it was a very sincere and heartfelt expression of regret over any stress that they’ve suffered over the course of the last few years as a result of the media attention.’


The meeting with the foundation staff took place just ahead of yesterday’s pre-recorded – and much hyped – interview with Oprah Winfrey, which is scheduled to be broadcast on the talk show host’s OWN network on Thursday. The show has confirmed that Armstrong was not being paid for the appearance and that it was conditional that Winfrey be free to ask whatever she wanted – following the recording Winfrey took to Twitter to say ‘Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong. More than 2½ hours. He came READY!’ This has, of course, lead most commentators to speculate that the seven-times-not-winner of the Tour de France confessed all about his doping past. This in itself could lead to huge legal wrangles as the Texan has previously sworn under oath that he had never cheated; a full confession now would surely lead to perjury charges.


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