Jason Kenny Focuses on Minsk

Jason Kenny heads for UCI Track Cycling World ChampionshipsThe squad of 16 riders selected by British Cycling to represent GB at the upcoming UCI Track Cycling World Championships (Minsk, February 20-24) includes an impressive roster of Olympic Gold Medalists – Dani King, Laura Trott, Jason Kenny, Phil Hindes, Ed Clancy and Steve Burke. For Kenny though the chance to ride in Minsk means refocusing and putting a disappointing post-London Games period behind him. ‘I did struggle for a couple of weeks trying to get a bit of momentum, those first couple of sessions of training,’ commented the 24-year-old from Bolton, ‘It was quite demoralising – going from the last time I rode at the Olympics on really good form and enjoying it to going back to square one a month later was really difficult but that’s what we do. I got over that and was really keen to work hard and put myself in the best possible place.’


It’s a position that British Cycling’s Performance Director, Sir Dave Brailsford, can appreciate but he sees Minsk too as something of a fresh start: ‘The first year of an Olympic cycle is always an interesting one as it gives the opportunity for our young riders to compete alongside the world’s best and experience the competitive environment which is crucial for their development. With that in mind, the focus for the team is to perform to the best of their ability as the route to Rio firmly begins.’


The full squad of 16 comprises:


Sprint – Matt Crampton, Kian Emadi, Becky James, Jason Kenny, Phil Hindes, Vicky Williamson


Men’s Endurance – Steven Burke, Ed Clancy, Jon Dibben, Owain Doull, Sam Harrison, Andy Tennant, Simon Yates


Women’s Endurance – Elinor Barker, Dani King, Laura Trott


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