Bike Versus Deer

Bike deer collision videoAs much as we hate to snigger at other people’s misfortunes (or indeed see any animals get hurt), the viral video of Jeff Plassman getting taken down by a baby deer raised a Friday-smile here at Cyclo. Plassman – thankfully wearing a helmet-cam to catch the moment – was taking part in the 47mile Monster Cross and Mountain Bike event in Pocahontas State Park in Viginia, when his best efforts were thwarted by the animal hurtling across his path. Both rider and deer were reportedly unhurt in the collision, and at least Plassman, who’s finishing position was 212th from a field of nearly 400 riders, had both an excellent excuse and a story to tell. When you have done checking out the video (below), take a look at a similar story and video we posted way back in October, 2011 about 17-year-old Evan van der Spuy who came off worse in an encounter with an antelope in KwaZulu-Natal. Click here to read and view – now, back to the serious business of reporting on cycling developments…



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