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Solarsport UVPro

SolarsportGood things come in small sizes, right? Certainly the case with the excellent Solarsport range served up in cycling jersey-appropriate 25ml pump sprays; UV protection in SPF 15, 20 and 30 options that goes on cleanly at the push of a button. Of course application to the face is still going to require a degree of digital dexterity, but broadly this is a solution that means no more messy hands from cream – or, perhaps more importantly on the bike, no more muck and grime rubbed in with the cream. Whilst this isn’t a waterproof option and the relatively low SPFs will require an application or two (we topped up twice on a really long, hot ride) Solarsport is probably the perfect go-anywhere option for cyclists. It’s non-greasy – so won’t compromise the grip on the bars – and can even be sprayed onto hair to protect the scalp should you choose to ride sans-helmet. Solarsport 25ml pump sprays, with a minimum of 200 ‘pumps’ inside, start at £4.99 with the all new UV-Pro30 ‘Dry in 5 Seconds’ ‘cremespray’  costing £5.99 , which we think makes them pocket-friendly in more ways than one…


Exclusive Cyclo Offer: Dry Sunscreen Pro-Pack (UV Pro30 + Solarsport Original spf 20) for only £9.99 PLUS get another UV-Pro30 absolutely FREE. To take advantage of this offer visit and enter discount code Y7495754RO at the checkout…



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