Tour de France: Once is Not Enough

Winning the Tour de France just once might be considered something of an achievement – but what of those who have managed the seemingly impossible twice? Or three times? Or five? (Oddly no one has won the TdF four times without going on to make it five for good measure…) Thanks to those good people at RoadCycling UK we’re delighted to bring you their latest info-graphic on the Tour de France, this one celebrating those incredible riders with multiple TdF wins. Enjoy…


Tour de France Multiple winners

To see the Tour de France in Numbers click here, take a look at RoadCycling UK’s Anatomy of Chris Froome info-graphic here or take a look at our guide to the six British riders in this year’s Tour de France here.


Want more? The Origins of the Tour de France here and our review of the Tour de France 100th Race Anniversary Edition book here. And, of course, for more great content from RoadCycling UK visit their website.


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