UK’s Biggest Multi-Storey Bike Park

Multi-Storey Bike ParkCambridge of course has almost as many bicycles as Katie Melua estimates there to be in Beijing (and that’s a fact?) and now, with plans approved by the city council’s planning committee, there will be plenty of places to park them. As part of the council’s £850million project to redevelop and improve the area around the city’s station, a multi-storey bike park, with space for nearly 3,000 bikes is set for construction at an estimated cost of £2.5million. In addition to the multi-storey park – the biggest in the UK – there are also plans to incorporate bike hire facilities and a cycle shop, all adding to Cambridge’s reputation as a two-wheeled friendly city.


As impressive as the facility sounds, it will be dwarfed by the planned Utrecht station bike parking set to fully open in 2018 with the capacity to store some 12,500 bikes – take a look at the video below to see how it will look or, beneath that, a glimpse at how they do these things in Japan. We know which we prefer…




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