Swiss Side Go Public with Hadron

swiss_side_hadronSwiss Side have been around for little more than two years and along with a growing reputation for quality, affordable wheels sets they have also demonstrated a desire to do things just a little differently. So when it comes to producing a new aero wheel set how does Swiss Side do it? With full transparency and what amounts to public consultation. The ‘Hadron’ set’s designers include Swiss Side co-founder, Jean-Paul Ballard who is also the Head of Concept Design in the Aerodynamics Department of the Sauber Formula 1 Team, but everything from the first drawings to the finished product will be shared publicly and Swiss Side say they will: ‘actively seek interaction and input from those following the process through their website and social networks.’


There’s little information on-site at the moment, but you can register for updates now at and follow the company on Twitter @swissside – You can also take a factory tour in the video below…



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