Garmin Reveal the Forerunner 920XT

Garmin has announced what it is calling ‘its most advanced multisport GPS watch to date’, the Forerunner 920XT…

Forerunner 920XTGarmin has announced what it is calling ‘its most advanced multisport GPS watch to date’, the Forerunner 920XT. Featuring a far slimmer profile, the Forerunner 920XT is 15 per cent lighter and 18 per cent thinner than its predecessor and records detailed metrics for swimming, cycling and running, making it a true cross-training tool for those you love to crunch the numbers.


‘Watch-mode’ and daily activity tracking features on the 920XT, which monitor steps and calories, are aimed at making the device useful beyond just training or racing and because it receives GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) signals in addition to standard GPS its accuracy and functionality should be increased. If you want more (and who doesn’t these days?) the Forerunner 920XT receives smart notifications, including incoming texts, emails, calls, and calendar reminders on the high-resolution colour display when paired via Bluetooth to a smart phone.


For ultra-runners, the Forerunner 920XT offers the ‘UltraTrac’ mode that turns GPS off at certain intervals, extending its GPS mode battery life from 24 hours to up to 40 hours.


The 920XT is water proof to 50 meters and offers advanced swim metrics for training in a pool or open water, including drill logging, recording swim distance, pace, stroke type, stroke count and SWOLF score – derived from a combination of time and stroke number.


On the bike, the watch has a built-in altimeter for precise ascent, descent and gradient data during training and when paired with compatible ANT+™ power meters, including the Garmin Vector S and the dual-sensing Vector system, the Forerunner 920XT displays power data including average watts, left/right balance5, power zone, and when paired with a heart rate monitor, it can derive users’ VO2 max estimates.


The Forerunner 920XT is available in black/blue or red/white, and retails at £389.99 or £419.99 including heart rate monitor.


For more information see and online purchase for much of the Garmin range at

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