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FlipFlapAs we never tire of mentioning: being seen at night and in low-light conditions is of paramount importance. Lights, lights and more lights is the sensible mantra but adding as much reflective surface as possible goes a long way to ensuring you (probably) won’t become another tragic statistic. An unusual solution has come our way in the form of the FlipFlap, a pocket sized reflective solution with plenty of commuter appeal.

Designed to flip out of front or rear pockets – hence really a commuter option, although arguably a rear race jersey pocket would do – one side of these reflective paddles is rubberised to grip the pocket, whilst the flap which… well, flaps out, is hi-viz, tested to (and exceeding) the EN13356 safety standard. The simplicity here is certainly one of the appeals. Tuck the whole thing back in the pocket when not in use and it’s on hand (technically on backside) and ready to be flipped out when set to hit the streets.


£16.95 (plus P&P) might sound a little steep, particularly when you could buy some simple Respro hi-viz stickers for less than £7, but the FlipFlap does offer something more substantial and certainly more portable in the sense that it can obviously be slipped into any pocket for use at any time, rather than permanently adhered.  Additionally the FlipFlap can be cut into smaller panels; on delivery each ‘paddle’ (two per pack) measures approximately 100x110mm, but by cutting between the sealed guides each can be divided into three reflectives – two of 25mm and one of 50mm; all of which starts looking far more reasonable for the price.


A simple solution to better visibility, the FlipFlap adds a neat little dash of safety to the ride. And for that it should be highly commended.


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Extras Reviews

Vendante Pop Bands

Vendante Pop BandsSometimes the simplest solutions are clearly the best. Such is the case with the Vendante Pop Bands, uncomplicated reflective strips that can be ‘snapped’ onto arms or legs for instant reflective safety. Created by Barbara Kantor – who founded her company 5 years ago after witnessing an accident – the Pop Bands are made of highly reflective 3M Scotchlite (the go-to product for most on-garment sports reflectives) which are flexed across their width to straighten then tapped against the arm/leg to wrap them firmly in place without the need for Velcro, or similar fastening.


Available in a range of colours for the fashion-conscious – blue, green, orange, pink, white and yellow – the latter two provide the greatest margin of safety, reflecting up to 450meters, although even the other four will provide 130meter reflection. The bands, sold in sets of two (for around the £12 mark online) and come in two sizes: medium at 30cm and large at 38cm.


Although other, sometimes cheaper, ‘snap-style’ bands are available, the Vendante are, in Cyclo’s opinion, the best on the market – less expensive versions have, in our experience, been prone to flimsiness and over an extended period lost their ‘snap’. You can add as many lights to your bike as you like (within reason we’d recommend that you do) but the biggest target area on the bike is your body and the ability to transform whatever you are wearing into a safety garment, particularly in the event of sudden deterioration in weather when you can be caught out without lights, is invaluable.


Vendante Pop Bands are distributed in the UK by 1000Mile, see for details and purchase.