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Specialized Airtool Mini

Specialized airtool miniThe Specialized Airtool Mini is one piece of kit that Cyclo can, without question, describe as having been seriously put through its paces, mostly because it’s been our on-bike in-a-crisis pump of choice for several years and so has rarely been off our radar.


Now, at a tiny 25cm you probably wouldn’t want to use this as day a day to day pump – it takes an age to fully inflate a new inner and the flat grip end is positively blister-inducing for extended use – but weighing less than 100g it’s near faultless for roadside emergencies. With an aluminium handle shaft and chamber it ships with a bottle boss mount and can even, according to Specialized, “fit in a jersey pocket” – though to be honest we’d hate to meet anyone with a jersey quite that big.


The locking head (a good secure fit without any sign of leakage) converts from presta to schraeder valves and a neat added touch is the cap end which unscrews to reveal a glueless mini-patch and micro sandpaper. On a pedantic point the manufacturers did claim that it came supplied with mini-patches (plural) rather than the measly single patch that ours contained, but the compartment is nonetheless a fun bonus feature that could even be used for squirreling away a jelly bean or two to cheer yourself up in the event of a flat.


The newest iteration from Specialized has a very sleek carbon fibre-effect finish (Cyclo’s is brushed-metal but still, we think, pretty classy) and at less than £15 remains an utter bargain. Despite its size and weight the airtool mini is also surprisingly robust. Ours has survived more than one quite spectacular wipe-out and even remained un-dented when dropped from a third floor window. The latter not so much a controlled experiment as a freak accident, the details of which are too embarrassing to recount.


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