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Happy Foot Kit

Happy Foot KitOf course we know that as cyclists you’re all good at looking after aching quads and calfs post race (right?) but if there’s one thing Cyclo finds tender after a long time on two wheels – apart from perhaps out nether regions – it’s the soles of our feet. However flashy your footwear it’s inevitable that a good long slog on the bike is going to take its toll, with the plantar fascia – the band of tissue not unlike a ligament that stretches from your heel to your middle foot bones – often taking the brunt of the abuse. We were delight to receive (goodies always welcome) the wonderfully named Happy Foot Kit from Opal London and set about indulging our oft-abused appendages.


Contained within the cheekily foot-shaped bag (not the most hardcore pro-looking bit of kit so you might want to just keep it safely at home) is 100ml of cooling aromatherapy peppermint foot gel and a ribbed massage foot roller which is excellent for relieving aching feet and simple to use – just put it under the sole of your foot and move it backwards and forwards. It also has an excellent application for use if you are suffering from the otherwise hard to treat Plantar Fasciitis (a painful inflammation of the aforementioned plantar fascia which can be caused by overdoing things) and also as a simple in-flight exercise to help in the prevention of DVT. The cream is effective and soothing; no claims of true medicinal benefit made, but the simple act of massaging in is revitalising.


Cyclo certainly wouldn’t claim that the Happy Foot Kit is anywhere close to an essential addition to your cycling toys, but the results are undeniably satisfying after a long hard sportive. Feet are so easily neglected and this could be your chance to rectify the situation and pamper them just a little…


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