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Deuter Race 10 Litre Rucksack

Deuter backpackAt Cyclo we’re always on the lookout for accessories and kit that help make the most of our two-wheeled forays but one of the trickiest areas to tackle, we find, is in using the bike for work commuting. Aside from the hazards of rush hour traffic (and the sometimes undesirable side-effect of arriving for a meeting a little more fragrant than is ideal), one of the biggest headaches is finding a way of carrying all the detritus of work life. Enter the Deuter Race 10 Litre Rucksack, something of a mini-marvel whose size belies a wealth of nifty features. To start with, as the name would perhaps suggest, it has an adequate 10litre capacity (12 and 15litre variations are also available) into which a quite surprising quantity of work-related kit can be stuffed and with two small zipped pockets – one on top, one on the front – keys and smaller “to-hand” items can be kept separate to avoid the big bag rummage.


Safety is also at the forefront of design on the Deuter – in addition to ample 3M reflectors on the side and back, a simple loop on the back allows for the addition of light blinker (along the lines of the NiteRider Lightning Bug 2.0 – see the Cyclo review here). Ingeniously the pack also has an integrated rain cover in a safety conscious dayglow hue. Hip and chest straps keep things firmly in place and whilst the shoulder straps lack any serious padding, their mesh design along with the “Airstripes” back ventilation system should help to keep the ride to work relatively cool.


A gusseted flap on the top and a hose holder on the shoulder strap also allows for the addition of a hydration pack, although the official Deuter 2litre bladder is a steep £32.99 so Cyclo would suggest shopping around for more basic models that can be had for as little as £10.00.


At around £40 the Deuter isn’t the cheapest option for a commute pack, but it’s certainly one of the most feature-laden, stylish and practical and when you consider that a rain cover alone could set you back £15.00+ this start to look less pricey.


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