The Good Bike Project

The Good Bike ProjectToronto creatives Caroline Macfarlane and Vanessa Nicholas have been turning bikes pink (and green and yellow) in their native city in an attempt to brighten up some of the more run down areas, to highlight issues of regeneration and sustainability and to have, well, a little fun. Macfarlane explains the origins of what has become known as The Good Bike Project: “The idea came to me as I was cleaning the windows of the OCAD U Student Gallery on Dundas Street West. I was lost in thought, staring at this old rusted Raleigh bicycle, which is locked up to the bike post outside the gallery. It occurred to me that I’d never seen that Raleigh moved from that spot…I thought about the bike and generated questions in my mind: Why had someone left such a beautiful bike behind? Who was its owner?  How long had it been there? I began to feel sorry for it, and decided that Vanessa and I should reclaim it.”


Since their first installation received a ticket from the council, the project has galvanized opinions and even become something of a political hot potato which has seen Mayor Rob Ford grab a convenient photo opportunity by straddling one inside city hall. Cyclo certainly can’t imagine London Mayor Boris Johnson ever pulling such a stunt. No, wait…


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