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Muc-Off 5 Cleaning Brush Set

muc-off brush setMuc-Off has long been the name in cycle cleaning products and there can be few riders out there that don’t own a bottle of two of their spray formula. Naturally, of course, it doesn’t stop there and anyone wanting a truly pro finish to their machine could do worse than consider the Muc-Off 5 Cleaning Brush Set. No prizes for guessing that it consists of 5 brushes or that it replaces the usual sponge (and occasional toothbrush) that most of us employ, but being from Muc-Off not only does each work wonders at its intended function, but there is also great attention to details – individual hanging hooks for storage, rubberised impact zones to increase product life, mesh bag for hanging the tools whilst they dry and cute detailing to boot.


So what do you get for your money (RRP £23.99)? Firstly there is the general use Soft Washing Brush for frame and larger components, with its extra large brush head to reduce the time it takes to get things ship-shape and, like all the brushes, a well-gripped, non-slip handle. The Detailing Brush made an easy job of shifting grime on the harder to reach areas – suspension mounts, hubs, etc. – whilst the Claw Brush, with its triple head, swiped its way through everything clogging up the likes of cassettes and sprockets. Rims and spokes are tackled by the Wheel and Component Brush which is contoured for easy reach and the Two Prong Brush has twin heads (hence the name?) that can be repositioned for perfect cleaning in even the tightest of corners.


The set is another great example of the attention to detail that the brand consistently brings to their products and there is probably no surer way of guaranteeing the gleaming results that will keep your bike working harder and performing better. Treat it well and it will treat you well…


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