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Graeme Obree, famed for his homemade bikes and unconventional riding position and who twice broke the world hour record (1993 and 95) has announced his intention to break the human-powered vehicle land-speed record. Although born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Obree has lived most of his life north of the border and so, inevitably became known as ‘The Flying Scotsman’ – he has twice been crowned individual pursuit world champion but now intends to smash the speed record, taking things from the current (and already impressive) 83mph to a spine-tingling 100mph-plus.


Speaking to BBC Scotland he said, ‘If everything was perfect, with the power output and aerodynamic drag then 100mph might be possible.’ The record attempt, which would be run under similar conditions to car speed records (flat run, no wind or other vehicular assistance) is likely to take place at Battle Mountain, Colorado.


In 2006 Obree was portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller in the film ‘The Flying Scotsman’, directed by Douglas Mackinnon which delved into both the triumphs and well publicised lows (including depression) that have visited the rider. If all goes well with the record, a sequel could well be on the cards…


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