Pendleton Takes on Boardman?

In three weeks time Victoria Pendleton will be at the new London velodrome for the Track World Cup, looking for those all important Olympic qualification points. Yesterday, however, she hit the streets of the capital (or more specifically the streets outside of the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge) to be snapped with a bicycle that started immediate rumours that it was part of a new Pendleton bike range. The rumours slowly solidified throughout the day, firstly with a subtle clue when the Halfords Twitter feed read ‘Just at a photo shoot with Victoria Pendlton, launching her new range of bikes,’ then finally when the retailer’s press office confirmed that it was a range that will be: ‘…available to buy online from 22 March and will be on sale in stores from 29 March.’ Okay, so hardly a Tinker, Tailor style thriller, but why can’t these things just get announced?


No other information has been forthcoming on what the range will consist of (mid-range sporty models similar to the Boardman’s launched five years ago, or more feminine commuters like the one pictured), but Cyclo suspects that as the company tweets described her as ‘the gorgeous Victoria Pendleton’, rather than ‘elite athlete Victoria Pendleton’ it is more likely to be the latter. We will keep you posted…


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