South American Bans

It has been announced that seven South American riders have been provisionally suspended by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for doping violations in response to reports from World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). A WADA accredited laboratory in Montreal highlighted ‘Adverse Analytical Findings of Stanozolol metabolites in urine samples’ from four riders – Tiago Damasceno, Flavio Reblin and Wagner Alves (all Brazil) and Manuel Villalobos (Chile) – during the 2011 season at the Tour of Reo (July 28-29) and the Volta Ciclistica do Sao Paulo (October 17-20).


Brazil’s Elton Silva tested positive for performance enhancers at the Volta Ciclistica do Sao Paulo, whilst Peru’s Ronald Luza and Bolivia’s Fernando Espindola have also been provisionally suspended after another WADA† accredited laboratory in Bogota found traces of ‘cocaine metabolites and presence of 19-norandrosterone as well as Boldenone PC and metabolite’ in their urine samples. All provisional suspensions will remain in place until the riders’ respective national federations can consider the findings.


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