‘Boy’ Opens London 2012

The Olympics and Paralympics are always guaranteed to tug at heartstrings and provoke a tear or two at some point, but the pathos-level is already rising for the 2012 Games with the internet release of a short film entitled ‘Boy’. Starring Timothy Spall, the films is the work of Prasanna Puwanarajah, who received mentoring from actor/director Richard E Grant (yes he is a director too – 2005’s ‘Wah-Wah’ if your interested) as part of British Airways’ Great Britons initiative. The silent film, with music by Alex Heffes, more used to scoring big productions like The Last King of Scotland and The Rite, features Spall as a man in mourning for the son he lost to a cycling accident – it will be screened as part of the London opening ceremony, giving it an eventual audience in the hundreds of millions.



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