Cantwell Crashes Out

A week of very mixed fortunes for Team Saxo Bank, earlier this week it was announced that they would be allowed to continue to hold their World Tour licence (which was in doubt after the Alberto Contador doping affair), but now they have lost, at least temporarily, another rider to injury. At the finish line of the semi-classic Scheldeprijs yesterday (April 4), their Australian rider Jonathan Cantwell failed to pull up sharply enough when two other riders crashed heavily in front of him.


Although initially thought to be virtually unhurt it soon became apparent things were somewhat more serious. Saxo Bank’s Sports Director Nick Gates: ‘Johnny (Cantwell) had e very unfortunate fall but after having rested in the bus we thought he was ok. But as he started complaining about increasing chest pain we called for an ambulance that brought him to the hospital where they reported that his lunge had collapsed. Luckily, there are no fractures and under the circumstances he feels ok but he has to take a break from training and racing for an unknown period of time. A very unfortunate outcome as he was in great shape.’ Cyclo will keep you posted…


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