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Wemmi Expandable Wipes

Good things, we are often told, come in small packets. Never truer than when it comes to Wemmi Expandable Wipes, the latest addition to Cyclo’s bag-o-tricks, genius little tablets that expand with the addition of water to give you just enough wet-wipe to clean away the grime of a good ride.


100% natural – basically rayon, a cellulose fibre – disposable and biodegradable (making them as environmentally friendly as a disposable item can be) Wemmi Wipes are available in either boxes of four (around the £1.45 mark) or tubes of eight for £2.45 and expand to approximately 230mm x 250mm. Weighing next to nothing, we now invariably tuck one or two in a pocket during a ride to wipe away the gunk involved in a quick spot of puncture repair or chain or mech inspection. Little more to say on the subject, apart from go get some right now – just like this review, good things come in small packets. Widely available online.


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