So, It Doesn’t Give You Wings?

Frankly we don’t know if we should class Cameron ‘Cam’ Zink as lucky or unlucky after his latest escapade at the Red Bull Rampage at Zion National Park in Utah, but given the spectacular wipe out he managed to walk away from more or less unscathed it’s probably lucky…


Attempting to jump an 80ft gap across a yawning chasm after a vertiginous plunge down a rock face, things went badly wrong for Zink as he over-balanced and decided to ditch the bike mid-air. Almost unbelievably he walked (hobbled) away with nothing more than bruised heels (and possibly ego). He posted the footage on a number of social media sites, commenting, ‘I was scared for my life and can’t believe my legs and knees are in tact… With 5 knee surgeries, two broken feet and a having a rod in my tibia prior to this  crash I guess I’m doin’ ok if this 80 foot bail to flat only bruised my heels.’


We dare you to watch this without wincing – although on the plus side he’s surely owed £250 by Harry Hill.


Image © Sterling Lorence //pinkbike

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