Who Ya Gonna call? Dope-Busters…

UCI Pat McQuaid  doping hotline Amidst continuing criticism that that the International Cycling Union (UCI) do not do enough to combat doping in the sport, President Pat McQuaid has released an open letter – addressed to today’s riders – in which he not only spells out the Union’s thinking on the subject but suggests the possible launch of a confidential ‘hotline’ for cyclists to call. In the letter McQuaid says of the initiative, ‘I know that it will take some time to build trust and confidence in this new line of communication, but I am confident that, with the best intentions from both sides, we can build that trust. And by doing so, we will accelerate the change in culture that we need in our sport.’


In the wake of the Armstrong scandal, McQuaid goes on to say, ‘As far as repairing the reputation of our sport, I would like to add that the UCI has listened to the world’s reaction to the Lance Armstrong affair and it has taken – and will continue to take – decisive steps in response to all matters raised.’ Naturally the UCI are not prepared to shoulder all of the blame or responsibility for rectifying the sorry state of affairs, adding, ‘At the end of the day it is you the riders who have the ultimate say about whether our sport is clean…’


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