Armstrong’s Books ‘Duped’ Readers

Lance Armstrong sued for fraudulent books As if the self-inflicted woes need adding to Lance Armstrong is being sued by two men claiming they were ‘duped’ and ‘betrayed’ by the disgraced cyclist’s books Every Second Counts and It’s Not About the Bike – although, really the clue was already there in the latter title. Rob Stutzman and Jonathan Wheeler have both launched legal actions against the Texan and his publishers, Penguin and Random House, claiming false advertising and fraud by selling books as works of non-fiction. Stutzman, a former deputy chief of staff to California’s ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, claims he met and personally thanked Armstrong for his ‘inspiring’ work. Penguin’s legal representatives, Dorsey & Whitney, have called for the case to be dismissed. Of course if it isn’t, and proves successful, this could lead to an avalanche of similar actions.


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