Fuentes Trial Begins

Alberto Contador evidence at trial of Eufemiano Fuentes - operation puertoThe trial of Spanish doctor, Eufemiano Fuentes, thought to be at the heart of cycling’s biggest ever doping operation has begun in Madrid, seven years after police first raided his offices as part of ‘Operation Puerto’. Five defendants (the doctor, his sister and three former cycling coaches) will appear in front of prosecutors to answer questions – made more pertinent in the wake of Lance Armstrong’s televised confessions – although the opening day of the case (Monday, January 28) saw only the legal arguments from the lawyers rather than the testimony of defendants or witnesses. The doping allegations are with regard to a number of sports, including tennis, however the case will focus only on cycling with dozens of pro riders, Alberto Contador amongst them, expected to give evidence. If found guilty at the end of the trial – which is expected to last until at least mid-March – the defendants could face up to two years in prison in addition to professional suspensions.


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