Briggs Returns to Rapha Condor JLT

Graham BriggsFormer National Criterium Champion Graham Briggs is set for a return to Rapha Condor JLT for 2014, having spent the last two seasons with Team Raleigh. Briggs, a formidable sprinter who spent 2008, 10 and 11 with Rapha Condor, will form part of what looks set to be a strong Tour Series team, alongside the likes of Ed Clancy and Felix English. Commenting on his realigned loyalties he commented: ‘I’ve had two good years at Raleigh, but I decided that it was time for a change. I was part of the Rapha Condor Sharp team in 2011 when we had a really successful year, but after that the focus of the team changed and I wanted to go off and see how I could go leading a team…’


Thirty-year-old Briggs says he is also keen to play his part in the development of the young riders in the team: ‘I benefitted a lot from older riders passing their experience on to me when I was younger and I hope to be able to do the same now. I think that I am in the right stage of my career to do it now too. Two years ago I don’t think I would have much help for real young guys, but that is not the case now.’


Despite reports that Briggs will be racing in Rapha Condor JLT colours this Autumn, the Yorkshireman is in fact currently riding for the Rapha Condor Cycling Club, following his mutual agreement to part ways early with Team Raleigh.

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