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Headkayse is the latest cycling innovation to launch on crowdfunding site Indiegogo…

HeadkayseHeadkayse is the latest cycling innovation to launch on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Described as ‘a game changer in cycling helmets’ the Headkayse is foldable and aimed predominantly at commuters and cycle hire users. It also uses an innovative material, Enkayse, in its construction, which is claimed to be able to withstand multiple impacts without loss of performance, compared to the EPS used in more traditional cycling helmets.


HeadKayse is currently seeking £60,000 in crowdfunding for production on Indiegogo, with the campaign closing on December 20. If it meets its target, Headkayse will retail at £90 with a universal fit that adjusts and moulds in-use to every head shape and size from kids to adults. The fold system allows the user to reduce the size of the helmet to 50% of its original size, taking up just 2.5 litres of bag space.


Technical Director of Headkayse, George Fox, comments: ‘For the last 40 years, cycle helmets have been made from expanded polystyrene which is effectively thousands of small rigid air bubbles, which under a particular level of impact break compress to dampen the eventual impact with objects, providing sacrificial protection. EPS is stiff, brittle and permanently damaged on even small impacts – as recommended by the manufacturer the helmet should be replaced. But what if materials could provide protection without the sacrificial degradation – a multi-hit helmet? That’s what we have created, with a new material, Enkayse that achieves the very highest standards with repeatability and is foldable to boot.’


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