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For Goodness Shakes Sports Recovery

The post-exercise recovery drinks market is awash, if you’ll forgive the expression, with products and For Goodness Shakes have been around for some time serving up nutritious (and mostly yummy) solutions. But now, according to their publicity, after a challenge thrown down by The English Institute of Sports and two years of research and development they have unveiled their new Sports Recovery powder mix.


In Cyclo’s opinion the first hurdle at which this kind of recovery powder normally falls is in its ability (or otherwise) to mix well, but on this point the FGS powder performs well, dissolving almost completely for a non-gritty milkshake-style drink.


So, let’s crunch the numbers:


FGS Sports Recovery delivers a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein mix (pretty much standard and recognised as the optimum ratio for absorption) but unlike many of its competitors this drink mixes both fast- and slow-release proteins (whey and casein). The bulk “carrier” is skimmed milk (so lactose intolerant cyclists be warned) which will give around 80% of your RDA along with around 6g of essential amino acids for muscle repair. Like all FGS products this is based on the “NutriMIX” formula which combines a mix of vitamins and “salts”. The vit break-down includes A for general muscle repair, D largely for bone benefit, E – an antioxidant that also aids muscle repair and growth, C (a symbiotic vit that works with E) and B6 which aids the body’s absorption of both carbohydrates and proteins. Potassium and Sodium (along with, but to a slightly lesser extent, Zinc and Magnesium) are also in the mix which work to replace “salts” lost from sweating – but if you’ve been careful with your hydration strategy during exercise, maybe using Elete, nuun or similar electrolytes, then this is really belt and braces stuff.


Phew! That was a lot to take in. But easier to digest is the product itself which is available in Banana, SuperBerry, Vanilla and ChocMalt flavours and retails at around the £1.60 per sachet mark. This could well be Cyclo’s recovery drink of the summer…


Nutrition Reviews

Shot Bloks

Shot Bloks reviewOkay hands up anyone who actually likes the taste of sports gels? Anyone? Anyone? Quite so, and with only the odd exception (we quite like the taste of High5 Berry Flavoured IsoGels) Cyclo agrees. So imagine our delight when we tried out Shot Bloks from the ever-reliable Clif Bar makers, which are available in three pretty palatable flavours – Mountain Berry, Orange and Strawberry. Okay, so we’re not suggesting serving these up as canapés pre-dinner, but they are (particularly the Mountain Berry) jolly good. Quelle surprise!


Taste, of course isn’t everything so how else do Shot Bloks stack up? For a start the thing that sets them apart is that they are a semi-solid chewable source of electrolytes and carbohydrates (50/50 mix of simple and complex) with each pack containing 6 little blocks (bloks?) each delivering approximately 8 grams of carbs meaning that for their weight and pack size they total around double the values of a traditional single gel pack. The other advantage – besides being far less messy than liquid gels – is that, if you so wish, you can simply nibble a little cube every 10 or 15 minutes to drip-feed your bodies needs rather than necking a gut-load every 30minutes to an hour.


As with all Clif products there is nothing artificial in terms of flavours or sweeteners on offer here and they use a combination of natural Carnauba wax and pectin (a fruit extract) rather than gelatine making them suitable for consumption by vegetarians. The wax/pectin has one other slightly surprising advantage: there is a noticeable consistency in texture across a really wide range of temperatures, we’ve even used them in daytime temperatures topping out at 45°c and they’ve still held their own. If you’re looking a little extra boost the Orange flavour also packs in 25mg of caffeine per pack, but we have to say this was our least favourite, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


RRP around £2 with more information at: