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CEP CompressionCEP has announced that both new products and colour ranges are being added to their signature compression collection including the CEP Ultralight socks and calf sleeves, and the CEP No Show socks. The news comes following record sales of CEP products at the Virgin Money London Marathon.


The Ultralight socks and calf sleeves are designed for athletes seeking ‘marginal gains and ultimate performance’ and are made using a material that is 25% lighter and more breathable than other items in the range, whilst the No Show socks sit snugly just below the trainer line and feature extra-flat toe seams and additional heel padding. In terms of new colours, which feature across their calf sleeves, short socks and run socks, CEP are adding Hawaii blue, purple blue, and black – mixed with green for men and with pink for women.


Commenting on the new lines Matt Davey, Brand Manager of CEP UK and Ireland says: ‘This is an incredibly exciting year for CEP, and these new product developments are simply the start of a jam-packed season for us. We look forward to sharing more with everyone in the next few months, as the brand continues to go from strength to strength.’


Further details of the new range and existing CEP products at and, for social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


2XU Launch #HeartNotHype

#HeartNotHypeCompression apparel specialists 2XU have launched its first international brand campaign #HeartNotHype.


The new campaign is designed to highlight how compression supports the heart. By heightening circulation and venous blood flow to the heart, compression garments, say 2XU, ‘enable athletes to train smarter, perform stronger and recover faster.’ The campaign launched on February 24, includes the Heart film featuring elite athletes training across multiple sports – see the video below…


2XU Co-Founder and Sales & Marketing Director, Aidan Clarke comments: ‘Heart Not Hype is the first truly global brand campaign we have embarked on, and provides us with the opportunity to connect with new and existing consumers on an emotional and functional level, driving relevance and bonding. This powerful, innovative campaign demonstrates our position as leader in compression apparel, supporting the key driver of human performance – the heart.’


2XU are also offering the chance to win a place at the ultimate performance training camp in California – details and entry here.


To learn more about the #HeartNotHype campaign see



Compressport Sign with Katusha

Compressport Sign with KatushaCompression brand Compressport have announced a new partnership with UCI Pro Tour Team Katusha; the Russian-based squad will now wear a limited-edition range of products, which have been manufactured in the team’s official colours. During racing (including at the current Giro d’Italia) Katusha will wear Compressport’s new Bike Pro Racing Socks, whilst off-event the team will wear both the Pro Racing Armsleeves and Leg Sleeves for training and recovery and the company’s Full Socks for travelling. Viatcheslav Ekimov, Katusha Team’s General Manager, commented: ‘Katusha is very proud to work Compressport… The whole Katusha Team is looking forward to collaborating with Compressport to develop the most advanced cycling racing socks and compression products.’


Tim Williams, the UK distributer of Compressport added, ‘We are delighted to be able to announce this partnership. It demonstrates that our products help cyclists to perform better, whether this is our Bike Pro Racing socks that have been developed specifically for cyclists or our full socks that are used by athletes from all sports to help them recover more effectively between races. We are already working with one of the world’s leading MTB riders, Sally Bigham, and this demonstrates our further commitment to cycling.’


Read our review of the Compressport B.Sock ProRacing Sock here and the F-Like Full Legs here.


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B.Sock ProRacingSock

CompresSport have been making steady inroads in the world of compression technology race kit over the last couple of years. Increasingly a brand seen at triathlon and particularly Ironman events throughout Europe and beyond (the likes Chrissie Wellington and Tim Berkel sport them), the initial range – including quad and calf guards – has begun to grow and now includes their first foray into cycling specific kit in the form of their B.Sock ProRacingSocks. Whilst the name might seem a little cumbersome the product itself is an excellent blend of tech and style that builds on the brands reputation.


Light and comfortable in the extreme the B.Sock holds, indeed almost cradles, the foot whilst providing a well judged degree of compression that delivers posture-holding support and improved circulation – which works to advance performance and, arguably, speed recovery post-ride. Despite the wide toe piece, the B.Sock sits comfortably with the range of shoes that Cyclo put through their paces.


The ‘3D dot’ technology that covers sections of the sock isn’t just for show either; the dimples are intended to work as tiny shock-absorbers and whilst it’s been tough to either prove or disprove the idea in testing, feet have certainly felt relatively fresh after some good long rides with little or no ache. The circulation of air is also improved by their inclusion and the further addition of a silver ion treatment to the fabric holds bacteria at bay if things do get sweaty.


With a two year guarantee and a price tag of £15 these inarguably represent good value for money and their range of sizes (all the way down to a UK Women’s 2.5) is a bonus. More information and online retail at


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CompresSport F-Like Full Legs

CompresSportCompression kit seems to be everywhere these days. At it’s most basic compression wear is simply close, actually very close, fitting socks, shorts, leggings or tops with a high lycra (or similar elasticated material) content for which manufacturers make some quite extraordinary claims. It has long been recognised that in the case of socks/stockings such gear can help post-operatively and it was this discovery that has lead to the evolution of these sometimes disturbing looking items of apparel into performance enhancing must-haves. With this in mind we took a look at the CompresSport F-Like Full Legs…


Whilst claims that compression leggings aid venus return (the return flow of blood back to the heart) are probably true – whether or not this is a true benefit is still open to debate. If lactic acid (simply a by-product of breathing during cardiovascular exercise) is viewed as in some way “bad”, as it still is by some experts, then increased venus return is certainly beneficial because, the argument goes, lactic acid causes muscle fatigue and possibly cramping. However Cyclo understands that there is a growing school of thought that lactic acid is, if anything, benign – which certainly undermines some of the claims made by compression wear suppliers. Regardless, there are still ample benefits to sporting leggings during a long ride. Muscle oscillation is reduced which can stretch the amount of time to fatigue and even more helpfully they help to keep the muscles warm and therefore performing at their maximum for longer.


CompresSport are one of the newer kids on the block and their excellent “F-Like Full Legs”, which look rather like hold-up stockings, measure up well – so well in fact that the likes of Ironman (woman?) extraordinaire  Chrissie Wellington sports them. Admittedly Cyclo found these a touch – shall we say – feminine? They have a rather odd semi-Goth squiggle just at the part of the thigh that you would least like someone to stare at, but, and this is probably more important, they are incredibly comfortable and felt supportive of the muscle through the whole length of the leg. Useful too for post-ride recovery which is an area in which compression kit has clear and well recorded benefits. Not cheap at £70.00 a pair, but if they are going to help you ride harder and recover faster they could be worth every penny.


Available from


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Nike Dri-Fit Knee Highs

Nike Dry FitEver thought about adding a little compression recovery to your training rides or races? There’s certainly plenty of evidence to support (forgive the expression) the fact that a little tight squeeze goes a long way both in terms of promoting performance and aiding faster recuperation, but with pro kit often flirting with the upper reaches of extortionate Cyclo was pleased to find a budget option to bring you. At just £12.00 the Nike Dri-Fit Knee High socks are as far from a thing of beauty as they are from being technologically advanced, but crucially what they do deliver is the basic compression dished up by even the most expensive of alternatives. Anatomically designed for left/right foot they are missing the arch support of compression socks like those made by Compressport (£35.00) but do have a little lateral squeeze along the length of the outer plantar to add to their beneficial purpose.


We certainly didn’t find these comfortable enough to actually saddle up in – nor in fairness are they particularly designed to be – but as post-race/exercise options they are hard to beat for the money. Apart from cases where you are clearly paying for a brand name (though Nike’s pretty big, right?) there is always an element of getting what you pay for with compression kit and these socks are never going to replicate the excellence of techie high-end solutions. But if you want to add a bargain recovery element to your kit bag (Cyclo recons you should) then this could really be the place to start. Slipping a pair on after your training brings comfort and stability to fatigued muscles all for a price you could barely get a good pair of non-compression socks for.