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Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket

Proviz REFLECT360There are any number of cycling jackets available with a decent amount of reflectives built in – would you even consider one without? – but the Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket really takes things to a whole other level.
Available in both men’s and women’s cuts this arguably isn’t the style of jacket you might train in for speed, but its on-bike uses – from commute to general ride-wear and even MTB or pre-race warmth – are undeniable and, because it’s constructed with a 100% reflective outer-shell it lights up like a beacon.
The REFLECT360 incorporates multiple vents with the underarm/side vents zippered for regulating temperature and when, zipped to the max, the jacket provides credible wind-stopping properties. There’s an inner mesh that holds the shell away from the body, preventing potential clamminess, and two generous, zipped, chest pockets for essentials in addition to a zipped lumbar pocket large enough for route details or maps.
Although initial impressions are of bulk, the 600g jacket feels less weighty on than we had imagined, and the level of comfort impressed. The collar is soft-lined, the cuffs Velcro adjusted with a numb-finger-friendly rubberised tab and the waist fitted left and right with bungee cords for fine-tuning. Even without the exceptional reflective abilities – like Tron on a bike – the REFLECT360 is a more than decent cycling jacket; factor the added safety value in and it quite literally shines.
The Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket retails at a not-unreasonable £79.99 – almost half the price of the similarly reflective, but obviously sleeveless, Nike Flash Gilet – which despite being largely targeted at runners has good application for bike safety too.
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The Odlo Trail Jacket

The Odlo Trail JacketWhen it comes to cycling jackets there seem to be as many options, permutations and styles as there are routes and roads to ride – but the Odlo Trail Jacket, a full-zipped high-collar, is distinctive enough to stand out amongst the crowd in more ways than one. Odlo have been around since the 1940s and hailing from Norway, a country not noted for its balmy weather, you would expect them to know a thing or two about keeping their customers warm. And so it is with the Odlo Trail Jacket.


The fine mesh material (the whole jacket is 100% polyester) does an excellent job of venting yet keeping chill at bay even at speed on the bike; the front inner panels have a softer almost fleecy-quality that further help to keep wind in check, whilst the cuffs and waistband, although not elasticated, are snug enough to help here too.


The fit is close yet comfortable – available in S to XL – but doesn’t feel constrictive in the least, always a bonus given the near-straightjacket qualities of some jackets we’ve tried over the years. The full-length zip is really the only snagging point we found; it features a good-on-paper ‘parking garage’ at both the top and bottom to keep the zipper in place, but this proved more than a little fiddly to negotiate, particularly in the saddle and especially one-handed. No such problem with the zipped (non-‘garaged’) rear pocket – generous in size and easily accessed.


That small main zip gripe aside the Odlo Trail Jacket was a pleasure to ride in – the styling is bold, verging on the brash but, so long as you don’t mind the fully emblazoned look (we rather liked it), then it’s a pleasure to wear. Arguably more a BMX, MTB or trail jacket (as the name implies) – perhaps because the styling has a slightly punk/skate attitude – there’s nothing to stop you wearing this on the road – and indeed much to recommend you do.  Odlo founder Odd Roar Lofterød apparently lived by the legend ‘always make sure you’re one step ahead’ – we rather like that. We rather like his name and jackets too.


Online prices seem to vary wildly – ranging from around £80 to well over £100 – so it clearly pays to shop around; features a comprehensive store locator if you prefer shopping in the real world.


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Altura Night Vision Windproof Jacket

Altura Nightvision Windproof Jacket ReviewThe shortest of mid-winter days and gloomiest of conditions have given Cyclo the perfect opportunity to test out the new Altura Night Vision Windproof Jacket; we found we liked it. A lot…


For starters, although headline advertised as windproof (and it certainly is) there is also an incredible degree to which the Night Vision shakes off water; more than once, caught out on rain, it has shrugged off water without a care and left us dry and somewhat relieved. The water repellent panels to front, shoulder and sleeve did a better job of keeping out the elements than other jackets promoted specifically as waterproof. The stretch fabric moves beautifully on the ride, hugging the body without ever feeling restrictive and the cuffs, waist and neck closures are likewise snug without pinching or even, hardly, making their presence known. For extra comfort and warmth the collar and inner back and sleeves are thermal lined in a soft flock fabric.


However, there were two things that particularly made the Night Vision (forgive the pun) stand out for us. Firstly the incredibly generous rear pockets – two large, open ones and a small, zipped secure pocket for keys and valuables – which however much we stuffed them full of gels, bars, gloves and the like never bagged and seemed to continue consuming things like some bike-based magic act.


Secondly – and here the clue is very much in the name – the level of visibility is superb. Reflective panels and details across all parts of the jacket will have you glowing like Tron in headlights and if you opt for the eye-strainingly bright orange colour (black also available) it’s likely you could be spotted from space.


The spec on this jacket is admirable indeed and its ability to perform across seasons (autumn rides were a temperature-regulated pleasure) make the already reasonable £69.99 price tag something of a bargain. Available in seven sizes from XS to XXL (34-51” chest) the Altura Night Vision Windproof Jacket is available from, amongst others,