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Goodness Shakes are rightly known for their excellent sports recovery drinks (see the Cyclo review here) but now they have taken the plunge into the exercise sports drink market with an intriguing new idea. Nectar Sports Fuel is a concentrate which comes in a 2litre bottle (at around £25.00) with a precision pump that delivers exactly the correct amount (25ml) for mixing with 500ml of water – but here’s the clever bit: pump once for a hypotonic drink, twice for an isotonic drink or three times for a hypertonic solution.


Perhaps that needs a little explaining… the hypotonic version will deliver fast hydration and is best suited for use during low intensity workouts (or long, slow bike rides) or in hot conditions. Isotonic works best for higher intensity workouts, strenuous rides or races and delivers a greater energy boost, whilst the hypertonic, three pump, version serves up a real surge of energy for that sprint finish or for interval-style training.)


In terms of the ‘sciencey bit’ Nectar is a ‘dual carbohydrate source’ consisting of 2 parts glucose to 1 part fructose; because these two types of energy use different methods for absorption into the body they can enter the bloodstream (and therefore ultimately the muscles) up to 55% faster than either a standalone glucose or fructose-based energy drink.


The taste, as you might expect from For Goodness Shakes, is excellent too. The Lemon/Lime variety is pleasantly tangy and the Light Orange variety has a mellow mandarin hint – obviously having a sports drink that is actually palatable makes all the difference to drink the right amount. Value’s good too – depending on the concentrate level you opt for each diluted 500ml serving will cost from around 65p, around half what you would expect to pay for a pre-prepared sports drink with similar values.


As a rough guide to nutritional values, the isotonic version (double-pump, 50ml of concentrate) will serve up 240Kcal of energy with 60g of carbs (48 from the combined sugars) along with a good balance of potassium, magnesium and other body salts otherwise lost through sweat.


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For Goodness Shakes Sports Recovery

The post-exercise recovery drinks market is awash, if you’ll forgive the expression, with products and For Goodness Shakes have been around for some time serving up nutritious (and mostly yummy) solutions. But now, according to their publicity, after a challenge thrown down by The English Institute of Sports and two years of research and development they have unveiled their new Sports Recovery powder mix.


In Cyclo’s opinion the first hurdle at which this kind of recovery powder normally falls is in its ability (or otherwise) to mix well, but on this point the FGS powder performs well, dissolving almost completely for a non-gritty milkshake-style drink.


So, let’s crunch the numbers:


FGS Sports Recovery delivers a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein mix (pretty much standard and recognised as the optimum ratio for absorption) but unlike many of its competitors this drink mixes both fast- and slow-release proteins (whey and casein). The bulk “carrier” is skimmed milk (so lactose intolerant cyclists be warned) which will give around 80% of your RDA along with around 6g of essential amino acids for muscle repair. Like all FGS products this is based on the “NutriMIX” formula which combines a mix of vitamins and “salts”. The vit break-down includes A for general muscle repair, D largely for bone benefit, E – an antioxidant that also aids muscle repair and growth, C (a symbiotic vit that works with E) and B6 which aids the body’s absorption of both carbohydrates and proteins. Potassium and Sodium (along with, but to a slightly lesser extent, Zinc and Magnesium) are also in the mix which work to replace “salts” lost from sweating – but if you’ve been careful with your hydration strategy during exercise, maybe using Elete, nuun or similar electrolytes, then this is really belt and braces stuff.


Phew! That was a lot to take in. But easier to digest is the product itself which is available in Banana, SuperBerry, Vanilla and ChocMalt flavours and retails at around the £1.60 per sachet mark. This could well be Cyclo’s recovery drink of the summer…