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Phew Gloves

phew_glove1There’s nothing worse than cold hands on the bike (actually there are far worse things, but cold hands are hateful.) With winter really starting to bite Cyclo took a look at two pairs of gloves from new boutique outfit Phew, who aim to produce premium products at affordable prices.


First (literally) on hand were the Phew Early Winter Gloves that combine an upper ‘Windster’ membrane for cutting wind-chill with a softer palm and well-placed gel pads for a relatively bulk-free shoulder season ride (3-12 degrees range, say the makers.) Comfort is excellent; they’re well cut and the grip is outstanding with an extra thick palm-pad for shock-absorbency on rough terrain and a towelling thumb detail of wiping away sweat – okay, snot… Either way, a nice detail. Construction feels solid, with special note to the long cuff, and the styling and detailing look expensive, despite a more than reasonable £24.99 price tag. Not the warmest glove, but the clue is in the Early Winter name. Perfect for when those leaves are turning golden and the sun is low.


phew_glove2When things get colder still there is the Phew Lobster Outer Shell to consider. It can be used on its own or as an outer in conjunction with the Early Winter Glove to tackle proper negative temperatures. Again construction (plus style and detailing) is outstanding and the grip impressive – but they do lack gel padding, instead relying on the use of the Early Winter as an inner for that function. Even when the two are worn in conjunction the result isn’t restrictively bulky and the thermal properties should see you through the harshest of conditions. The Phew Lobsters, like the Early Winters, are priced at £24.99.


When you consider that something like the Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves comes in at £65 (let alone the Assos fuguGloves_S7 at over £90) the Phew options, with the versatility of combinations, makes excellent sense to us. Both the Early Winter and Lobsters are available in S, M, L & XL – further details and online purchase at


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Odlo Endurance Short Gloves

Odlo Endurance Short GlovesOdlo was founded more than 70 years ago by the simply brilliantly monikered Odd Roar Lofterød. Reputedly his motto was ‘always make sure you’re one step ahead’, and, with the company still turning out commendably high spec apparel, it remains easy to fit the pronouncement with the product. Such is the case with the Odlo Endurance Short Gloves…


Attention to detail is something of a hallmark to Odlo – the towelling rub patch is larger than on many gloves, always useful for dabbing sweat and snot (who said cycling was sophisticated?), the Velcro closure tabs are rubberised for easy grip and duel loops on two of the fingers make for quick and easy fitting or removal. The gel pads are perfectly positioned too – one at the base of the fingers to moderate road vibration through the handlebars and reduce the likelihood of stress injuries and one over the lower pad of the thumb that helps protect the radial nerve and improve grip.


Although constructed from 100% manmade fabrics (50% polyurethane, 31% polyamide, 13% polyester and 6% elastane for stretch) the palms have a more luxurious suede/leather feel; however these do cause something of a sweat buildup in the tradeoff between padding thickness and wicking properties. This is alleviated, to an extent, by triple mesh panels on the back of the glove, which are bonded rather than stitched to further add to the comfort level.


Available all the way from XS to XXL sizes, finding the right fit should be easy enough and despite a few loose threads around the fingers, which caused us some initial concern (but amounted to nothing), there remains a great deal to recommend about the Odlo Endurance Gloves.


RRP is £35, with further details on the Odlo Endurance Short Gloves and other products see


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Altura Ergofit Gloves

Altura Ergo Fit Gloves reviewNot that we’ve exactly had a scorcher of a summer, but things have certainly turned distinctly autumnal in the last few weeks and the nip to the fingers has been noticeable. Timely, then, that Cyclo has just taken delivery of a pair of Altura Ergofit gloves to put through their paces and with the manufacturer calling them ‘ideal for winter road riding’ now was clearly the time to get going…


The outer shell of the Ergofits comprises of 50% Nylon, 30%Polyester, 20% Polyurethane with the inner lining being 100% Polyester, the result is a good balance between responsive flexibility and ruggedness that suggests they would survive (and protect the hands) in the event of a spill. Although they don’t feel particularly thick the insulation against a near-zero wind-chill on our morning rides was more than adequate – Cyclo can’t quite vouch for the depths of winter yet, but so far so good with the rear-hand shell even managing to repel some lively showers.


The multi-panel design and well-positioned ProGEL pads added to both comfort and grip stability, whilst fairly generous Lycra cuffs tucked easily into the jacket sleeve to further fend off the cold. The lightly flocked, suede-effect material across the front of the hand extends around the outside of the thumb, useful for wiping away a little sweat (or winter nose-run), but beware of your aim as a swipe of the reverse side’s pad is a scratch best avoided.


Well priced at £34.99 the Altura Ergofits are available in sizes S-XX although only in the (admittedly natty) black and red colour combo. Comfortable, tough, warm and reliable – ‘ideal for winter road riding’ sounds right on the money.


For further details and to find a retailer see:


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Sugoi 2012 Evolution Full Finger Gloves

British weather eh? Blazing March sunshine, followed my Arctic blasts and a rain-washed April. And Cyclo’s point? You never know when you’re going to need a good pair of gloves and at a mid-range price of £29.99 the 2012 Sugoi Evolution Full Finger Glove might just be the pair you should opt for. The word ‘Sugoi’ is a Japanese term for ‘Incredible’ and whilst this might be over egging things just a little, these are a really fully featured (as well as fully fingered) pair of gloves. The padding system, here swishly called ‘V-Control’ padding, is excellent throughout with particular emphasis on foam padding across the palms too reduce ride vibration and well considered pads to protect the ulnar nerve – a feature that seems to be becoming increasingly wide-spread.


Being full-fingered means the Evolutions should see you through three seasons with plenty of meshing to help air-flow and temperature control and a terry thumb, bonded to keep its shape, useful for wiping away a drop or two or perspiration. The combination of synthetic, vented, leather palms, gel detailing and a silicone Sugoi logo on the index and middle (i.e. breaking) fingers make for superb grip even in the wettest conditions and with a good choice of sizes – from x-small to x-x-large – getting close to a second-skin experience is as simple as following the sizing guidelines when you buy.


Black, red or white, each with a hint of 3M Scotchlite, may be your only colours choices, but at this price and with this much on offer in terms of tech-spec it would be churlish to complain.