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Tangent Trainer

Tangent TrainerThe Tangent Trainer is designed for use with a turbo trainer; it’s one of those deceptively simple innovations that always begs the question why hasn’t this been thought of before? Bolted between the crank and any clip-in pedal – a painlessly simple operation, well within the grasp of most cyclists – the Tangent Trainer demands a ‘tow’ pedal action for optimum transference of energy.


It takes some getting used to of course – it’s a training tool after all – and initially using the Tangent Trainer is a little like patting your head whilst rubbing your stomach, but with practice (and starting slowly) the technique becomes almost second nature. Although we didn’t find it necessary it’s fine to start with just one Tangent Trainer attached – on the non-dominant foot – and move things on from there. It’s important not to over use it, particularly at first, and the manufacturers suggest two sessions a week of around 20 minutes – that certainly fitted with our testing regime as little-used muscle groups slowly kicked in.


Tangent TrainerThe makers say that trials are still on-going to establish true power gains from working with the Tangent Trainer, but estimate that as much as 20% could be achievable. Even sitting on the side of overly pessimistic a 10% gain would be impressive and worth the investment in the Tangent Trainer.


It may not seem that important, but we also thought the Tangent Trainer was really rather pleasing aesthetically; too often we see gadgets of one kind or another hitting the market still looking like prototypes. The Tangent is both beautifully engineered and has clearly had much attention paid to detail.


The Tangent Trainer, although not cheap at £99.99, should pay dividends for those serious about upping their game and improving their technique for either road or track. Full details, including fitting instruction video, and online purchase at


Wattbike Launch Improved Cycle Trainer

Wattbike Pro 2013 and Wattbike Trainer 2013 Wattbike, manufacturers of the first and only indoor cycle trainer to be endorsed by British Cycling, have launched updates to its Pro and Trainer models; improvements include a more advance performance computer – which enables the accurate measurement of 39 performance parameters, including power, heart rate, cadence and speed – and redesigned handlebars with an improved drop section and enhanced tri-bar extension. The computer also sports a new user interface, increased responsiveness and additional customisation options; user now benefit from analysis of every pedal revolution in real-time, allowing the fine-tuning of pedal technique with the resulting improvements in power and speed transferred to the road.


Commenting on the launch of the updated models Wattbikes’s Communications Manager Alex Skelton comments, ‘The new Wattbike brings significant enhancements to a product that enables triathletes of all abilities to improve on their performance. Every rider can now train using the same scientifically accurate methods as Olympic and World Champions with a Wattbike, right in their own home… Training using a combination of power and heart rate is simply the most effective and efficient way to train and with a Wattbike you can be confident that you are maximising your performance gains with every turn of the pedal.’


The Wattbike Pro 2013 and Wattbike Trainer 2013 are available from at £2,250, Cyclo will keep you posted with a review coming soon…