How to Replace a Road Bike Chain

rcuk_chain_videoWith thousands returning to cycling and thousands more taking to the saddle for the first time there is almost certainly a lack of some basic skills out there. But fear not: our friends at Road Cycling UK wanted to share the first of a series of videos with us (and you) in which the secrets to replacing a road bike chain are revealed courtesy of Jon Hayes, mechanic at independent bike shop, Ride, in Dorset. Over the coming weeks the videos will be covering everything from brake pads and cables to headsets and derailleurs – keep an eye on our Twitter feed @CycloEditor for updates, but for now on to that road bike chain…

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Muc-Off Miracle Shine

Here at Cyclo, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the bikes, our general rule of thumb is to be wary of anything employing the claim ‘miracle’ in its name – miracles are surely reserved for water/wine situations or getting a mobile signal in the depths of Dartmoor. But we’re happy to suspend disbelief for the time being as the product in question, Muc-Off Miracle Shine, comes from one of the most trusted manufacturers of all things design to…well, get muck off. The claim is that Miracle Shine provides ‘a deep luxurious shine that will endure the elements and keep your bodywork looking like it’s just rolled off the showroom floor!’ and after some quick and easy application we find it hard to argue with that, despite the odd dink and chip, which were regrettably well beyond the claim limits.


The polish and protectant uses a combination of three waxes including Carnauba, known as the ‘queen of waxes’ which is extracted from the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera, a plant grown only in the north-eastern Brazilian. Miracle Shine supplements this with silicone oils which aid application and add further shine, and additional ingredients designed to smooth over near-microscopic imperfections and scratches. The results were quick an undeniably impressive, with the added advantage that the application continued to repel grime long after the job was done.


At around the £15 mark, Miracle Shine isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but the 500ml bottle should see you through a good couple of seasons of hard riding and enthusiastic (!) maintenance and the fact that it is safe for use on everything from paintwork and chrome to plastics and (crucially) carbon fibre extends its range of use considerably.