Fränk Schleck Fails Drugs Test

RadioShack’s Fränk Schleck is out of the Tour de France after failing a routine drugs test on July 14. The 32-year-old brother of the 2010 TdF champion Andy, tested positive for xipamide, a diuretic used for treating a range of conditions including hypertension that, although not a performance enhancer itself or specifically mentioned in WADA’s list of banned substances, can be used to mask other illegal substances.


RadioShack Nissan Trek was quick to act, withdrawing their rider immediately, even though under no obligation to do so. In a statement they said, ‘Mr. Schleck and the team believe this is the right thing to do, to ensure the Tour de France can go on in calm and that Fränk Schleck can prepare his defence in accordance with the legal timing to do so.’


Addressing the subject of xipamide specifically the statement continued: ‘It is not a product that is present in any of the medicine that the team uses and the reason for the presence of xipamide in the urine sample of Mr. Schleck is unclear to the team. Therefore, the team is not able to explain the adverse findings at this point. However, the team is fully determined to collaborate with the anti-doping agencies in order to resolve the matter.’